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*    American Community Gardening Association

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A Whole-Farm Ecological Sanctuary

485 John Obie Rd., Roxboro, NC 27574

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At ABANITU ORGANICS, we firmly believe that great food can be good for you and also be grown through a completely 100% organic process. Please take some time to view our site as we build a healthy and happy community. Your life is truly in your own hands.


Live Long, Live Strong!


Abanitu means 'from the heart of God', and is a certified organic farm located in northern Person County near Roxboro, North Carolina. Soil health and fertility are a central focus, including re-mineralization and no-till soil preparation in a raised-bed, permaculture model farm eco-system.


Most vegetables typical of this region are cultivated at Abanitu, as well as several kinds of small fruits (blueberries, black berries, grapes and figs). Culinary herbs are grown in abundance, along with a few medicinals.


Our mission is to provide food that is fresh and local, as well as food that maximizes nourishment and flavor. For these reasons, we avoid chemicals and use organic seed from open-pollinated, mostly heirloom plants.


Thank you for supporting our efforts, and may the fruits of our land and labor bring you health and wellness, as well as be a genuine source of culinary pleasure.