Why Organic?


The real question is "why would anyone knowingly poison the food they eat with chemicals that cause illness and death?"  Most folks think herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, preservatives and chemical fertilizers are necessary to grow good food.  We know its impossible, using those methods.  Once the food is contaminated, it will never be good for you it may keep you alive but it will not keep you well.  The chemicals accumulate to toxic levels in tissue and manifest as various types of disease and dysfunction, not to mention the pollution of the earth, water and air.

At Abanitu, our goal is to cultivate powerfully healthy food by nurturing the life in the soil and the eco-system that depends on it, including human life.

Actually, organic farming is not new; it used to be the way all food was grown using natural methods and recycling organic materials for fertile soils and healthy crops.  These methods continued for thousands of years until the late 1800's, when newly developed chemical companies began to win converts to the chemical approach with the promise of an easier, more profitable method.  Today, many farmers and consumers realize that the chemical approach merely borrowed against future wellbeing, leaving a poisoned food system that is nearly empty of nutrition and virtue, and cannot be sustained.