Our Ancestral Legacy





What a great privilege and honor to farm the land tended by one's ancestors!  Abanitu Organics is the latest expression of love for the land by my family - five consecutive generations of farmers tending the same farmstead in northern Person County, North Carolina. 

As I walk the roads and trails of Abanitu, images from my childhood are constant - memories of family and occasions and events revolving around life on the farm with its trials and triumphs etched into the very fabric of the place.  Especially now, as I eat plums, apples, pecans from trees planted long ago by grandparents, there is a deep respect for their industry and forsightedness.  Because of their perseverance and sacrifice, we can proudly stand, plant, eat and share with others a legacy as rich as the soils of Abanitu. 

In addition, I want to acknowledge and thank my mentor and teacher, Shekhem Ur Shekhem Ra Un Nefer Amen as well as the Ausar Auset Society for the decades of spiritual teachings that has helped to prepare me mentally, physically and spiritually for this wonderful work.  With their nurturing and guidance, Abanitu and I continue to grow more divinely powerful in our service to the Almighty.

We give thanks....

The Obie Family History



Great Grandma Lucy Obie (Overby)



John Thomas Obie



Bernard C. Obie with Nannie P. Obie (Other Mama)




Bernard C. Obie & Chestina T. Obie


C. Bernard Obie with Daughters